Brandt McDonald


I have been a member of metro for the past three years. Prior to joining, I spent most of my exercise time in the “neighborhood clubhouse.” Unfortunately, that just wasn’t cutting it for me. As a business owner, it was important to me that I found a facility that could provide all of the tools necessary to achieve a state of “total well-being.” I wanted somewhere that I could go and have a broad range of options to choose from -weight lifting, cardio, multiple classes, and private lessons – with the best equipment available, and with like-minded members and staff. All of the machines, weights, and equipment are always clean, functional, and orderly. But, it’s not just the facilities that Metro what it is. The staff is incredibly well-versed on all of the equipment and always helpful in almost every situation. I also believe that Metro has a unique set of members that are enjoyable to be around. Never have I ever encountered any staff member OR member to be a problem. Rather, it’s the exact opposite. Everyone has a positive attitude and is there to help improve health in a “team” approach. Personally, I enjoy using the weights and cardio equipment. However, I have also found the classes to be especially beneficial. The Pilates and spinning classes are incredibly fun, unique, and filled with high energy. You can’t find this is in a neighborhood clubhouse. I work in a high stress environment and I truly look forward to my time at Metro in the afternoons as a way to burn off stress and keep myself in good health. Plus, it gives me just what I need to get a good night sleep and the energy I need to start a new day.