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We believe we have some of the best instructors and trainers in the River Region! All personal trainers and group exercise instructors are required to hold nationally recognized certifications, CPR certifications expected to acquire continuing education hours so that MetroFitness remains your leading source in the exercise industry.

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We have the most diverse group exercise options in the River Region! At MetroFitness, we offer over 60 group exercises every week at no additional fee. All classes are designed to fit your level of expertise, and taught by nationally certified instructors.


Mary Katherine Skipworth – Turbo Kick, 20/20/20, Cycle, Zumba

Travis Hill – Bike | Box | Lift, Circuits, Rock Steady, Fight Camp

Julia Steier – Functional Training, Cycle, Circuits, Bike | Box | Lift

Brenda DePlanche – Sculpt, Cardio Meltdown

Leigh Anne Richards – Muscle Mix, Cycle

Zel Frazier – Turbo Kick, TK/Weights, Cycle

Jan Howard – SOS, Cycle

Marjie “MJ” Kirkland – Yoga

Jackie Walton – Bar & Burn

Ron Heard – Cycle

Phillip Eagerton – Cycle, Insanity

Jamie McBride – FIRE, Boot Camp

Desiree McBride – FIRE, Boot Camp

Allison Prillaman – TRX, Insanity

Dee Morris – Yoga, Stretch Yoga

Katie Lee – Metro Milers

Stephanie Horne – Metro Milers

Jodie Moody – Sculpt Lite, TRX

Melvenia Redding – Active Aging

Danyalle Friday – Zumba

Amy Brown – Cycle

Lisa Stevens – Yoga

Mia Gentle – Tabatas

Angel Beck – KONGA by Jungle Body

Margree Morrison – Yoga

Group Trainers