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MetroFitness Club offers a wide range of body and beauty treatments, such as various types of massages, spa facials, exfoliation, spray tanning, lypossage and many more. Rejuvenate in our spa ambience and pamper yourself – it’s not just the treatments that are highly enjoyable, but also the prices.


Unwind and Revive with Massages

Treat yourself after a hard workout to the ultimate relaxation of a massage or deep tissue work to help relieve that soreness. Our licensed massage therapists are specialized in many different forms of massage, such as SWEDISH MASSAGE, using oils and gentle manipulation on the full body. This technique eases muscle tension and enhances relaxation. DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE increases mobility of muscles and tendons, decreases muscle tension and relieves stress. HOT STONE MASSAGE uses hot stones and aromatherapy to take you to a new level of relaxation. BACK, SHOULDER AND NECK MASSAGE relieves stress in those areas. Whereas HAND AND FOOT MASSAGE focuses on the pressure points in the body. PREGNANCY MASSAGE is especially created for the mother-to-be and done lying on the back only.

Massage Services