Certified Nutritionist

Meet Erin

Nutrition Perspective:

I firmly believe when it comes to nutrition there is not one method which will work seamlessly for everyone. We are all uniquely and wonderfully made, therefore our nutrition must also be somewhat unique to our specific dietary needs, likes and dislikes. Now, while there are some basics to nutrition, based on the goal of the individual, the foundation may need some fine tuning along the way–that’s where I come in, if you’ll have me!

About Erin:

Growing up in south Florida, being outdoors and active is a year-long activity.  However, growing up as an overweight youth made Erin more aware of how exercise and nutrition can play a major role in not only athletic performance, but in quality of life.  During high school, Erin was able to get healthier physically through team sports and it showed Erin exercise can actually be fun—even when challenging.

While attending Florida State University, she met her husband (of 12yrs) and the two graduated and started on their new journey together as a military family.  This has led to postings in Texas, Nebraska, England and most recently, Montgomery, with their daughter and two pups.

Erin was able, through encouragement of her mentor, to earn her group exercise certification.  While Erin always valued daily movement, this afforded her the opportunity to develop and encourage this passion within others.  Additionally, this led to her competing in four natural bodybuilding competitions in the figure category—placing within the top five and earning best presentation.  Putting herself through this structured nutritional challenge and seeing how the body can be changed caused Erin to look more closely at how she could equip herself with knowledge within the field of nutrition.

Earning her certification in Sports Nutrition has allowed Erin the ability to work with clients in all ages and starting points.  From the collegiate athlete to men and women wanting to increase muscle mass and/or decrease body fat tissue to those who desire to take the competitive stage; Erin has learned there is not a “one size fits all” approach when it comes to an individual’s nutrition.  It is a very personal and intimate journey when a client desires to change his/her nutritional health—one which she does not take lightly.  She firmly believes on meeting clients where they are in their journey and coming up alongside as a means of support, encouragement and guidance as they each learn how to best fuel their bodies consistently in order to reach the goals they’ve set out to achieve.

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