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Fitness is composed of several different components- strength, cardiovascular endurance and flexibility. One can be fit in one area and lacking others. Total fitness is a triad of all three. Being aware of areas you need to work on my decrease your risk of becoming injured and increase your ability to do more.

Free MicroFit fitness evaluation

MicroFit is a signature service of MetroFitness and free to members. It is a comprehensive computerized fitness assessment that will help identify your physical strengths and weaknesses. During a one-on-one appointment, we’ll measure your fitness level with a strength, flexibility and sub-maximum VO2 test. We’ll also check your resting heart rate, blood pressure and body fat. You’ll know exactly what your current fitness level is and you’ll be able to see future improvements by looking back at a printout of your assessment. Based on this evaluation, a personalized fitness plan can be designed to help you improve your total fitness. Members can repeat this complementary service twice a year. Guests can take this assessment at MetroFitness for a charge of $35, which will be reimbursed with a membership.

Spa ambiance all around the club

Enjoy our spa-like atmosphere and relax in our recreational facilities after your workout: Women can rejuvenate in a spacious dry sauna, whereas men can revitalize in a dedicated steam room. Time for your health and well-being to revive your energy for maintaining body and soul.

For your utmost convenience, our showers and changing room facilities are fully equipped with towels of all sizes and everything you might need to get ready for your day’s challenges or to unwind after a busy work day.

Microfit Sauna